What is the most accurate way to set up a SSL Certificate for Citrix Access Essentials ?

To generate a CSR with Citrix Access Essentials, please follow these steps:

1. Open "Quick Start Tool" from Access Essentials.

2. In the Setup Tab, select "External Access" and "Manage External Access" and click Next.

3. Select "Direct to this server" to accress from the internet thourgh a firewall. Click Next.

Common Name – Must match the URL you plan to secure exactly – is usually your fully-qualified domain name, e.g., devel.ssl247.co.uk or mail.devel.ssl247.co.uk). Remember the www. Is important – include it if you want to secure https://www.yoursite.com & exclude it if you want to secure https://yoursite.com
Organisation - The legal (officially registered) name of your organization/company include Inc., LLP., Pvt, Plc. Ltd. SARL., etc
Organisational unit - The name of your department within the organization (this is often "IT," "Web," or is just left blank).
City/locality - The city or town in which your organization is located.
State/province - The state in which your organization is located.
Country - Click here for the official list of ISO country codes for this field.

4. Click "Manually submit the certificate request to a Certificate Authority".

5. Save and open the CSR file and copy/paste the entire contents (including the BEGIN and END tags) into our order form.

See the Citrix Access Essentials Administrator's Guide for more information (pages 43 & 44)