Organisationally Validated SSL Certificates

Increase the trust in your website with Organization Validation SSL

With one of our organisationally validated SSL certificates, your organisation will be authenticated, your website secured and your customers shown that your business is trustworthy.

Organisation validation (OV) is an important step above domain validation in terms of the trust it creates. Several of our OV certificates allow you to embed your company’s name within their site seals and further enhance that trust. Get in touch to find out which today.

With encryption levels of up to 256-bit and extra security features depending on the certificate you choose, OV could be a good choice for your business. Compare OV against other validation methods here or contact us and let one of our friendly consultants help you decide which validation method is right for you.

An OV certificate will show your customers that your business is legitimate and trustworthy, as it comes with extra security features as standard including vetting organization details, helping you do more to protect your online data.

Guarantee stronger encryption for your online users

Protect your website visitors with stronger encryption without sacrificing mobile experience. ECC enabled SSL certificates consumes less bandwidth but offers the equivalent cryptographic strength of much larger standard certificates – 256-bit ECC certificates are equivalent in strength to massive 3072-bit standard certificates. Choose one of our ECC-enabled OV SSL certificates.

Is Organization Validation the right choice for your business?

Find out if OV will meet all your security needs – visit our Wizard or speak to one of our friendly SSL advisors

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