SSL Web Server

Encrypt your visitors’ personal information andenhance confidence in your site and your business too, with the Thawte SSL Web Server certificate.


With full organisation validation, visitors will see that Thawte, a leading Certificate Authority, has validated your organisation. And with your company’s name embedded within your free Thawte site seal, your customers have an instant sign that your business is both legitimate and trustworthy.

Benefits and features

  • 40 to 256-bit encryption. Upgrade to a certificate with SGC for maximum encryption levels. Call us to find out more ( +55 (0) 800 761 1941)
  • Organisation validation
  • Universal compatibility with all browsers and mobile devices
  • $1,250,000 warranty
  • Unlimited free replacements for the certificate’s lifetime
  • A range of outstanding benefits from SSL247. These include our 30 day money-back guarantee, advice and support from a personal account manager, and a MySSL® account
  • Free Thawte site seal, available in 18 languages:

SSL247 - officially recognised Thawte experts, just a phone call away 

Our friendly team of SSL consultants are all SSE and SSE+ accredited, officially recognised as experts on Thawte SSL certiifcates. You can speak to one of them now - and find out if the Web Server certiifcate is right for you - on +55 (0) 800 761 1941.

Is this enough encryption and assurance for your customers?

If you need maximum levels of encryption, it’s important you choose a certificate with SGC, like the SGC SuperCert. And if it’s confidence your site needs, choose a certificate with Extended Validation, preferred by 93% of online shoppers. We recommend the SSL Web Server EV.

Need a helping hand? 

Still can’t decide whether the Thawte Web Server certificate is the one for you? Try our wizard or contact us for impartial SSL advice on:

null  +55 (0) 800 761 1941

We are confident you'll be pleased with our service - we get lots of compliments on it, and much of our business comes from satisfied customers telling other people how happy they are with us. Try us out for yourself today.

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