RapidSSL Wildcard Certificates

RapidSSL Wildcard Certificates

With your RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate you can secure an unlimited number of subdomains with just one certificate. You’ll get domain validated SSL security for wherever the Wildcard certificate character (*) is placed.

*.SSL247.co.uk secures:

  • www.SSL247.co.uk
  • blog.SSL247.co.uk
  • secure.SSL247.co.uk, etc.

With a Wildcard, don’t be afraid to add more subdomains once it’s all set up – it will automatically secure them

A RapidSSL Wildcard SSL certificate is an economical way of providing wide security coverage over your subdomains. The certificate also covers multiple servers, making it an incredibly flexible SSL solution too.

RapidSSL Wildcard certificates however are not the only Wildcard available and this wouldn’t be SSL247 without our acclaimed recommendations.

A RapidSSL Wildcard certificate only provides domain validation. For greater validation, opt for a Wildcard with Organisation Validation (OV). This’ll provide customers that visit your subdomains extra assurances that they’re secure and that you’re trustworthy. The higher level of validation means your business has been checked and not just your domain. This is more stringent and equates to greater reliability. How about the Symantec Secure Site with Wildcard?

If that’s still not enough then we’d recommend you swap your Wildcard for a SAN certificate. With a SAN certificate you can secure a combination of domains, internal domains, machine names or IP addresses. They are also compatible with Extended Validation (EV) - the best demonstration of security available. Wildcards on the other hand are not compatible with Extended Validation.


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