Thawte Code Signing

Thawte Code Signing

Sign and secure your software and show users it is safe to run, with a Thawte Code Signing certificate. Signed software tells users who created it and gets rid of the ‘unknown publisher’ popup. The Thawte Code Signing certificate will also ensure your code is not tampered with after it is signed.

Code can easily be tampered with and used to host malware and other malicious threats. A code signing certificate will ensure this doesn't happen and make sure your code isn't used for fraudulent purposes. If it has your recipient will get a warning message:

It's the virtual equivalent of shrink wrapping a product so you know it's not been opened.

Add to this the organisation validation that comes with the Thawte Code Signing certificate, and your customers have complete confidence that your software is from a valid business. This will increase trust between you and your recipients immediately.

Thawte Code Signing: Protect. Remove error warnings. Increase trust. Send code confidently and freely.

You can also consult the Code Signing section of our Knowledge Base.