VeriSign rebrands as Symantec: New seal, new benefits

The Symantec secured seal (previously VeriSign) is the most trusted sign of security on the internet. In April 2012, all VeriSign site seals were upgraded by Symantec to include the power of the Norton name – and became ‘Norton Secured Seals’.

What does this updated seal mean for sites secured by Symantec (previously VeriSign)?

The new site seal was tested extensively and received an overwhelmingly positive response. 77% of consumers recognised it - before it was even launched! This high level of recognition of the merged Symantec and Norton brands brings with it greater assurance for visitors to sites featuring the Norton Secured Seal.


Extra name, extra recognition
The power of the Symantec/Norton site seal is immense, when you consider:

  • Norton is ranked number one for online protection.
  • Over 40 million desktops use Norton ‘Safe Web’.
  • 94% of consumers said they would buy from sites featuring the new Norton Secured Seal (Symantec rebranding tests, U.S. Online Consumer Study, February 2011.)

Increased recognition = extra assurance for your site's visitors and customers = the potential for extra sales and conversions.

It's time to secure your site with Symantec
Now is a great time to buy a Symantec SSL certificate – and reap the rewards of having not one but two security giants featured in your site seal. Get in touch to find out more today.

Why the change?
Security giant Symantec (who also own Norton) acquired VeriSign in August 2010. This new site seal was just one of many enhancements made by Symantec to VeriSign products.

As part of this merge, VeriSign SSL certificates became Symantec SSL certificates. For example, the VeriSign Secure Site Pro Certificate is now the Symantec Secure Site Pro Certificate. When someone clicks for more information on your SSL certificate, the details will show that your site has been signed off by the Symantec Root CA.

Contact us to find out more about the changes made by Symantec to VeriSign’s SSL certificates and the re-branded Norton Secured Seal.